Ship your goods with ease
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Free! There are up to 20 sizes of cartons available in our drop off point. We can also deliver cartons to your home, and a deposit and shipping fee will be charged. For details, please contact our customer service.  Of course, you can also bring your own cartons to contribute to environmental protection!

No need! The estimated time will be notified by SMS the night before the delivery, so as to avoid you having to wait for a long time at home!

It is recommended to write the order number on the package so that we can identify the package faster. Even if not, no need to worry, we have a complete system to ensure that the package will not be mixed up!

You may not need to! We will pack the package after it is returned to the warehouse, and only charge a reasonable packaging fee of HKD 5/KG.

No need! The shipping fee will be notified to you via SMS/Email after the package is returned to the warehouse for measurement, and the driver will not charge any money.