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【No Tax】Ship Perfumes/ Cosmetic to US/UK
Tim Tim May 22, 2024

Many people in the United Kingdom and the United States like to buy perfume from Hong Kong, but did you know that perfume is a Dangerous Goods, and more than 90% of the express delivery in the market is not allowed. On the contrary, LHK Express has a dedicated route to transport the above items and will make a tailor-made solution for the item you send.



What service should I use to send perfume to the US and UK?

Because perfume contains alcohol, it is a dangerous item and requires special customs clearance. Customers use LHK Safe Plus (DG), and the tax package is fully cleared, and the recipient does not need to deal with any logistics issues.

(From October 2022 until further notice, due to insufficient flights, the maximum delivery of perfume and other dangerous goods to the United States can only be 1KG, and the service to the United Kingdom will be suspended)

How to declare?

After selecting LHK Safe Plus(DG), it is very simple to fill in the item name and real value.

Shipping insurance is recommended when shipping high-value items. Shipping insurance charges are based on the value of the item. You select *Requires Insurance* at the end of the order, and the system will calculate the insurance charge for your order immediately.


Why choose LHK Express for safer and more secure shipping?

From August 2022, LHK Express will launch the "Customs Clearance Guarantee" program. Our risk control team will conduct risk assessment and analysis for each package to ensure that each package reaches 99.9% smooth customs clearance. The cost of this program Included in shipping, no extra charge.



For details, please refer to Customs Clearance Guarantee



No need to compare each platform :

LHK Express chooses the best plan for you!



Flight data analysis:

Provide more accurate timeliness for your package!



Tax Hedging: 

LHK Express provides multiple customs clearance & tax included services! Even if the tax is not included, we will diligently make risk warnings in advance to avoid the recipient paying high taxes!


100% Electronic Platform:

No documents!! No worries about printing documents and labels!! Regardless of the recipient or sender, no customs declaration is required!!



Packaging Management: 

Avoid delays and package damage!! Make sure your package arrives safely!!