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【Forwarding Worldwide】 How to purchase Cosmetics and Dried Seafood on HKTVMall
Tim Tim May 22, 2024

HKTVmall gathers cosmetics and dried seafood from Hong Kong and around the world. Nearly all local or imported brands in Hong Kong are gathered on the HKTVmall platform. LHK Express collects, packages, and safely delivers the items you purchased on the platform to your hands at the most favorable price.


Restrictions and Precautions

1. Shipping charges for forwarding are based on the greater of dimensional weight or actual weight. Volumetric weight is calculated as length*width*height/5000, length, width and height are all in centimeters.



2.Illegal drugs cannot be sent. Offensive weapons such as knives, guns. Sprays, such as pepper sprays and setting sprays. flora and fauna. Diamonds, gold and other precious metals. Obscene materials, herbs, meat and dairy products. If you send plants, you need to apply for an import and export license between the two places.

3. Items such as food, medicine, liquid (cosmetics), and battery-containing products need designated channels to be shipped to various places. Therefore, before submitting such items, it is recommended that you contact customer service to provide more information about the item, such as item photos, etc., in order to provide a more feasible solution. Also, it is recommended that you allow more time as these types of items usually take longer to be shipped and cleared through customs

4.For fragile items, if additional packaging protection is required, there will be an additional packaging charge of HKD 100/piece and HKD 5/KG.


5. Shipping insurance is recommended when shipping high-value items. The transportation insurance charge depends on the value of the item. You select *need insurance* at the end of the order, and the system will instantly calculate the insurance charge for your order.

6. Free packaging service is provided. The forwarding service of LHK Express will not charge additional fees for packaging, but only for packages sent by merchants, such as HKTVmall, Yoho, Sasa, etc.

7. No need to fill out the declaration list. Only the declared value needs to be filled in.



8. Free storage for 2 weeks. If it exceeds 2 weeks, $150/200KG/WEEK will be charged (minimum consumption is HKD 150). If there are reasonable reasons, you can apply for an extension of free storage.


9.Least restricted logistic in Hong Kong. Mobile phones, batteries, cosmetics, dry goods, snacks, jewelry are not difficult.



For the first time to use our company's services, we strongly recommend reading the information in each article first to understand the restrictions of the region you belong to!



To Taiwan



To United Kingdom



移民英國- ToR1搬屋報關須知🇬🇧




英國🇬🇧 Amazon退貨/退款退貨圖文教學(亞馬遜)


To Canada




To Australia














Forwarding Address in Hong Kong

Chinese :長沙灣永康街63號Global Gateway Tower 16樓11室

English : Room 1611, Global Gateway Tower, No. 63 Wing Hong Street, Cheung Sha Wan, Hong Kong 

Phone No.: +85298392404 (Only for receiving goods,No Customer Service) 

Consignee:  The name same with placing order on LHK Express   (Example: HK 8888)   (Please try to be the same size letters, so that we can find your order faster inside the system)


Example on HKTVmall 


Example on LHK Express 


LHK Express 申報示例



Why choose LHK Express for safer and more secure shipping?

From August 2022, LHK Express will launch the "Customs Clearance Guarantee" program. Our risk control team will conduct risk assessment and analysis for each package to ensure that each package reaches 99.9% smooth customs clearance. The cost of this program Included in shipping, no extra charge.

For details, please refer to Customs Clearance Guarantee


No need to compare each platform :

LHK Express chooses the best plan for you!



Flight data analysis:

Provide more accurate timeliness for your package!



Tax Hedging: 

LHK Express provides multiple customs clearance & tax included services! Even if the tax is not included, we will diligently make risk warnings in advance to avoid the recipient paying high taxes!


100% Electronic Platform:

No documents!! No worries about printing documents and labels!! Regardless of the recipient or sender, no customs declaration is required!!



Packaging Management: 

Avoid delays and package damage!! Make sure your package arrives safely!!

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