• Volume weight refers to the weight calculated based on the volume of the package.

  • 在國際運費中,包裹佔用貨艙的空間即「體積重量」「實際重量」同樣的重要,體積較大的包裹,即使他們實際重量很輕,也會在運輸過程中佔用更多的空間。

  • This concept comes from the airline's regulations: when the parcel is small and heavy, it is calculated according to the actual weight; when the parcel is large and the weight is small, it is calculated according to the volume. Our common goods include cotton, potato chips, masks and other goods that take up space and have only little weight.

How To Save Shipping Cost

  • 物品種類多元化,例如運送零食(薯片)+ 書本。因零食通常「體積重量」較大,相反,書籍「實際重量」較大,因此能互相抵消浪費的空間和重量。